About the Potter

austin pottery
Sherri Adair Hammack

Greetings!  My name is Sherri and I am a woman that has a full and rich life as a wife and mom of three beautiful (now) young adults; an older daughter and a set of boy/girl twins.  I have been married for over  thirty years to man that is a product of a Texas country boy and a Viennese woman. I grew up in north Texas, the third among my four siblings, with loving parents who have been great role models for me and my children.  I have spent the better part of my adult life dedicated to trying to be a good mom, wife and daughter.  I’ve spent the majority of my career striving to improve mental health services to children and youth, and their families.

It is said that the best thing you can give your children is “roots and wings.”  As my children have sprouted wings, it has afforded me the opportunity to turn to interests I’ve wanted to discover, such as pottery, and engage in activities I have always loved: like listening to live music and traveling around – exploring the Texas Hill Country wineries or out to the Russian River Valley wineries in California.

When I started throwing clay, I felt like this was something I could see myself doing for a very long time.   You see pottery is so grounding (although its’ officially called ‘centering’).  To feel the earthy clay is calming, affecting several senses.  It’s fun knowing that it’s ok to get splashes of clay all over you and throughout most of the stages of creativity.  It’s exciting to see the last stage of the final product come out of the second firing in the kiln and then to add the finishing touches to make a unique wine glass or another special piece.

In my pottery experience, I initially honed in on a particular piece of pottery that I had seen and was intrigued by – wine glasses.  But not just any wine glass, a mix of mediums between a pottery stem base and pairing the base with glass wine bowls. Unlike fine crystal wine glasses, these functional every-day, ‘feel good in the fist,’ wineglasses are one-of-a-kind. I continue to have fun experimenting with different glazes and various shapes of wine glasses that I attach to the stem.  While I continue to expand my reportaire of pottery, I continue to perfect the wine stems and add matching ‘wine accessories,’ such as wine chillers, cheese plates, platters, chip-n-dips, vases and other complementary items.  I tell customers that a perfect gift is a one-of-a-kind set of wineglasses, and a choice bottle of wine. Or perhaps a set of  unique champagne glasses and a bottle of bubbles for a newly married couple? Or margarita glasses and a bottle of tequila!

I work within  my home studio, but I continue to enjoy interacting with my community of potters to learn from each other, encourage each other, sometimes breaking bread and drinking wine together as we create pieces of art…much cheaper than therapy.  For now I participate in a few wine festivals a year to sell my hand-crafted wine glasses and a few other private and public shows.

So if you have any of my wine glasses or other pottery creations, I know it has found a good home and I sincerely hope you enjoy them. Cheers!