Sherri Adair Hammack

Greetings! My name is Sherri, I am a woman that enjoys a full and rich life as a wife and a mother of three beautiful children who are now young adults; an older daughter and a set of boy-girl twins. I have been married for over thirty-five years to a man who is a product of a Texas country boy and a Viennese lady. I grew up in north Texas, the third of four siblings, with loving parents who have been formative role models for me and my children. The better part of my adult life has been dedicated to being a good mom, wife, daughter, and
friend. I spent most of my professional career in public and non-profit fields striving to improve mental health services for children and youth, and their families.

It is said that the best thing you can give your children is ‘roots and wings.’ As my children have sprouted wings, it has afforded me the opportunity to turn to interests I want to pursue, such as pottery, as well as engaging in activities I have always loved. I take advantage of living in the Live Music Capitol of the World by frequently attending concerts, clubs, and house shows. I continue to expand my knowledge of good wine primarily by enjoying it, often at nearby Texas Hill Country wineries. I regularly venture out to the Russian River Valley and seek out other opportunities at wineries further from home. I have the privilege to spend time with people I cherish and travel around to listen to music, appreciate good wine, and experience new places and cultures.

When I started as a pottery student, I felt this was something I could see myself doing for a very long time. I began working on the wheel and have since added some hand-building. The soothing effect of molding clay clears and calms my busy mind. Knowing that it’s ok to be dirty and get splashes of clay all over you while you are creating is a fun indulgence for my inner child. The excitement of anticipating the outcome of the last stage of each piece as it comes out of the second kiln firing can feel like Christmas morning, if all goes well!

In my pottery experience, I have been fortunate to be a student of many talented instructors. Initially I homed in on a particular piece of pottery that intrigued me when I saw a sample of it. It was a unique wine glass; not just any wine glass, but a mix of mediums between a pottery stem base and a glass wine bowl. Unlike fine crystal wine glasses, these functional, everyday, ‘feel-good-in-the-fist’ wine glasses became of interest to me. I could pair my love for wine and pottery with a distinctive vessel. I continue to have fun experimenting with different glazes and various shapes along with using an assortment of glasses to attach to the stem. Additionally, I have branched out and expanded my repertoire of pottery by adding matching ‘wine accessories,’ such as chillers, cheese and charcuterie plates, platters, chip n’ dips, queso warmers, vases, and other complimentary items. Recently I have included a unique ‘Wine Hydrant,’ that holds a large bag of wine for
dispensing purposes, as well as adding a whimsical ‘Salty Lips’ salt-keeper to the line.

I create within my small home studio, then glaze and fire my pieces at a local studio, which affords me the opportunity to commiserate with a lovely community of potters. We learn from and encourage each other as we create new pieces of art…perhaps a form of collective therapy. I belong to the Greater Austin Clay Artists (GACA) group. A special project I contribute to and participate in that is near and dear to many potters’ hearts is the Austin Empty Bowl Project; held annually benefiting children who are hungry.

I launched my pottery business, Wine Affectionado, LLC, in 2011. You can find some pieces of my work in the gallery shop at Austin Pottery Studio and Gallery or you can visit me at a few shows or wine festivals throughout the year. My largest show is the annual holiday pottery sale that I host with another potter friend in her home. If one of my pottery creations has found its way to you, I sincerely hope you enjoy it. See my events page for the upcoming shows, or you can contact me at: